Pennsylvania Electricity And Natural Gas Suppliers – How Deregulation Affects Your Home

Pennsylvania Electricity And Natural Gas Suppliers – How Deregulation Affects Your Home

Pennsylvania electricity suppliers offer a wide range of rates for residential and commercial customers. In addition to competitive prices, most electric companies will complete a comprehensive review of your energy usage and provide you with a customized plan and rate that meets your specific needs. Electric plans are offered with both fixed and variable rates. A fixed rate will remain the same for a specific period that is stated in your contract upon enrollment while a variable rate can change from month to month depending on market conditions.

The deregulation of the Pennsylvania gas and electricity markets in 1997 provided homeowners the power to choose their own energy providers. However, navigating the industry can be difficult for some homeowners. To help, we’ve compiled this guide to explain what energy deregulation is and how it affects your home.

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Since the early 2000s, competitive retail electric providers have lowered their Pennsylvania electricity rates significantly. The lower prices result in more money for households each month. In fact, a family with average monthly usage can save over $200 a year by switching to a new provider. To find the best electricity rates, you can enter your zip code on the PUC’s website, pa natural gas rates. This free resource helps consumers explore their options and shop for the cheapest available Pennsylvania electricity rates.

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When you look at your utility bill, it is broken down into two sections: delivery charges and supply charges. The delivery charge portion covers the costs your local utility company incurs in bringing gas to your home via local pipelines. Your utility company then purchases the gas from producers and suppliers, which is covered by the supply charges section of your bill. Since deregulation, your gas supplier is able to compete for your business and offer low rates.

To get started, you can enter your zip code into the Choose Energy marketplace to compare suppliers in your area. Be sure to have your current utility bill handy so you can see how much you are currently paying for your supply. Once you have found a deal that works for you, you can select it and then sign up online. Once you’ve signed up, your supplier will notify your local utility and the change should be reflected on your next bill. Make sure to read your contract carefully to be aware of any hidden fees or penalties, such as cancellation feeds or re-connection fees. If you have any questions, we recommend speaking to a licensed energy expert who can assist you in finding the best possible rate for your home or business.

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