The Advantage Of Buying A Handy Wireless Microphone

The Advantage Of Buying A Handy Wireless Microphone

Microphones can capture sound waves in the air and it turns them into identical electrical signals. Replicating the original audio, the signals are sent from the output of the professional wireless microphone to an audio or mixer interface for recording or to studio monitors, which turns back into the sound waves. But, to get something good out of the speaker, you should ensure you are getting something good to start with. So, there is the primer on what you should expect from the different microphones.

Types of microphones

There are three main types of microphones, namely:

  • dynamic microphones
  • condenser microphones
  • ribbon microphones

Each of the microphones has a different method to convert sound into electrical signals. The three types of mics have the same core construction. The capsule picks up the sound and then converts it to electrical energy. A diaphragm is inside the capsule, a thin membrane vibrating when in contact with the sound waves that initiate the conversion process.

The ideal types of mics for the given situations instantly capture the intended audio source, such as the voice or the musical instrument, without picking up the other nearby sound. For instance, the singer on stage needs a mic that captures the voice while minimizing the pickup of the instruments in the band.

Choose a wireless mic

A wireless mic system is a great way of capturing focused and clear audio for many recording apps. But, between the several options and features, such as:

  • transmission distance
  • frequency type
  • number of transmitters
  • accessories

Choosing the best wireless mic can get a little tough. It is essential to consider when figuring out how to pick a wireless mic system:

  • Batteries
  • Connectivity
  • Form Factor (Handheld, Lavalier, or Headset)
  • Number of transmitters you need
  • Frequency (UHF, VHF, or 2.4GHz)
  • Wireless range
  • Sound quality
  • Reliability
  • Other features


When shopping for a wireless mic system, you should consider the type of device you plan on transmitting the audio. Whether it is a DSLR camera, smartphone, camcorder, or an audio interface, there is a wireless mic system to fit your needs, such as:

  • Wireless mic for camcorders and cameras
  • Wireless mic for smartphones
  • Wireless mic for computers

There are more considerations that you need to consider, including the form factor and the wireless mic frequency. More of these factors must be considered to ensure that you are satisfied with how the wireless mic performs based on what your needs are.

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